Automobile Service Center Management ERP

ERP suitable for Car service centres with Job card Management and Service management modules. Fully scalable system, depending on the size of the enterprise and its specific business processes.

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The dashboard will have important reports like Services ready for delivery, Services to be completed, Services in progress and Services not started etc to monitor and plan daily services

job card

Job Card Management

Job cards can be entered through an easy interface with vehicle details, customer details, problem description, current fuel levels, expected delivery date etc. Also, graphical view to track issues and image upload to store the pre-service condition of the vehicle. .

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Service Management

All job cards entered will be visible for service management. Mechanics/Labors can be assigned for each service orders. Once service started, options for entering spare parts and labor works involved as and when required. This Auto Repair Shop Management Software shall calculate invoice for payment once service completed.

auto repair shop management software


Enterprise accounting and management solutions allow any organizations to manage their accounts accurately. All Inventory and Account modules are available in the system with user-friendly interfaces. Inventory search functions with various filters like brand, make, model, rack etc are available. Vehicle directory of spare parts and labor works of different make and models. Multi-user system can make various user roles with particular access controls. This Auto Service Software is helpful to generate various reports, for example, executive reports, purchase reports, sales reports, accounts reports, repair history, VAT/GST reports and so on which helps decision making process effectively.

What are the advantages of using this Auto Repair Shop Management Software?

  • Vehicle repair history can be tracked
  • All information related to a vehicle can be stored
  • Spare parts inventory management
  • Quickly create invoices
  • Repair status can be provided to customers easily
  • Useful to track employee performance as well as business metrics